Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stupid Carrie Bradshaw Statement Shoes- creeping into my mind...

So anyone who saw the "Sex and the City" movie, or keeps up with fashion at all has probably heard the incessant buzz over Carrie Bradshaw's rocker chic, chunky leather shoes by Dior (Extreme Gladiator Platforms).

At first I thought I was immune, but after a while I realize I do really like them. They have a cool cuff look from the front and don't come up too high on the ankle. Plus they add edge to any outfit. But at $770, I don't see them joining my wardrobe soon.

But perhaps some copycats can help us!

Thank you to Steve Madden on the left with the Madalynn for $109.95. I think it looks the best and you can trust the quality. Also available in brown (and now some interesting snake skins and black patent as the Maddiee). In the middle we have a shoe from Bakers, the Candice. The Candice is also available in tan, both colors for $69.95, but my least favorite. And slightly different but maybe better for some is the Rae by Boutique 9. Also available in bronze and going for $129.95, I like how it keeps the basic style and edge but doesn't come up as high on the ankle. Maybe not as much drama, but maybe more style longevity.
But when it comes right down to it- I couldn't find any super cheap copies that didn't make me want to curl into a ball. I think this is one of those things where its splurge... or not at all.

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Helenrr said...

the, okay. Not for me to wear since that is not my "life". However that flower jumps right up and slaps me in the face! OY!
:) Is that a large moth on your lapel ma'm?