Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh Gwen, how I would love to hate you....

So I was going to write you a cute little post about how I went to see the Hives on Tuesday, and how awesome it was, and how cute I looked. But, I can't find the cable to my camera, so you'll just have to wait. Anyways...

Speaking of favorite musical traitor (go back to the ska!) Gwen Stefani just released 5 perfumes for her Harajuku Lovers line. I went down to Macy's yesterday to try them out...and this is coming from a non-perfume person... I love them! Well, not all of them...but in general they are great. There are 5 different ones to choose from...I must say I LOVE the packaging... I love anything Gwen Stefani touches. And I love Japanese Street Style. So yeah...

I was really sad that "Music" was my least favorite, it would be so cool to be say "Yeah, my perfume is Music". My favorite was "G" and close second was "Lil' Angel". Chris (boyfriend) liked "Lil' Angel" better though. I think I would get "G" for regular use, and then "Lil' Angel" for those days I'm feeling girly (it is definitely more flowery). I don't know if I will get both, but definitely "G".

They are $25 for 0.33 ounces and $45 for 1 ounce. You can also get a set of all 5 perfumes in solid perfume for $60, so maybe share that with a friend if you guys like different scents! Available at (free shipping over $50) or at your local Macy's store.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I'm not feeling very organized right now (coffee and a huge brownie will do that to you). We went out and had dinner and went to see "Shopping! The Musical" (no, friend got the tickets free. Don't even ask for me to comment that right now.) And then we went to H&M at 10pm for no explicable reason. Who knows why they were open. Their sign said open until 9pm, and I felt bad being all the sales people were like "Leave ALREADY!" But then they let us in, so I guess it is sort of their fault. Lots of cute coats and some adorable dresses. I should go back and try stuff on when I don't feel so bad about being there. I would actually show you the dresses I thought were really cute, but H&M does not have the most helpful website ever.

When you go shopping what do you do to make sure you have all the bases covered? My big thing is wearing clothes that are easy to change into/out of, makes life much easier. I also like to bring a pair of heels. I always want to know how things will look with heels if thats how I plan on wearing the items.

Ok, there was some randomness.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Candie's for Kohl's

So what do you think of the Candie's collection for Kohls? I saw it some weeks ago while some boys dragged me to Kohl's. (I was so exciting that day. I bought a black t-shirt (black v-neck has been one of my basics lately), some shorts from Soffe (we used to wear their sweats as our dance team uniforms, very comfy), and a video game.) Anyways, I saw the Candie's line then, and thought it was cute. It was one of those days though and I didn't try anything on, or even molest it to check the quality. I will soon though, I promise. But what do you think of the looks?
I think they are possibly office worthy in a trendy enough office, or mixed with other brands. (Also depending on the quality, if the look/feel cheap or not.) Also cute for going out, every day. I have always liked Candie's shoes, and generally the pairs I have bought in the past have been good quality. But it has been a few years. I do really like teal/brown dress. Overall there is alot of teal and metallic in the collection as well as a slight rocker chic vibe...which is easily toned down.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lovely Booties

I was slogging around the net, looking for boots for my mom and I ran across these Luichiny Cleo Booties. I just love them! I really like the ones in Storm the most, obviously since I'm on a gray kick lately. However, the black and chocolate ones are the only ones if I get them it will likely be the black ones. (There is free shipping though!!!) I put together some polyvore plates to show some ideas I have for wearing them. I'm thinking of Victoran, whimsial, gothic twist pairings, taking some cues from Japanese Lolita/baby doll style. Pairing lots of necklaces, pearls, bows, and throwing in some darker grays and blacks. Maybe wearing tights or even knit socks (knee highs?) with the shoes.

(Forgive me if these are sort of cluttered. I go a little overboard when set loose with polyvore. It is the most fun since paper dolls!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This weeks wish list...

Well , I'm moved and settled and all that good stuff. So I thought I'd get back in to the swing of things by posting about the stuff the I've been wanting lately. (I know, not self centered at all, right?) Let me know what you think and if you have seen any better options.

1. Grey skinny jeans. I really like this color, I tried on a pair at Urban Outfitters and they were great looking. Unfortunately that pair had something weird going on with it, so I didn't get them. This pair is only $24.80 from Forever 21. (Actually these are straight leg, but they best represented the color I like. )

2. Nude pumps. These wretched pumps are driving me crazy. I want a rounded tow with fairly high heels. I like the more natural leather, not the patent leather. So far the only pair I have found are Christian Louboutin. (Which are so not affordable.)

3. Vintage, whimsical, frock-like shift dresses. I've been feeling artsy lately. Love this one I found on eBay from Liebemarlene.

4. Structured vintage shift dresses. I'm not sure it would blend into my wardrobe as well, but I really like this fiery dress. Also eBay, from sweetfinds vintage.

5. Mid calf height boots. I want something in grey or brown. (I guess black is also a possibility.) I like these guys from Steve Madden. The Bonanza in brown and the Jaylyn in grey. What do you think of the colors? Which would serve me better?

Can you tell I'm liking grey? I think its a good Fall/Winter neutral, and doesn't contrast as much as black.