Friday, February 6, 2009

California Girl

I am really a California Girl at heart. Even though my clothing often reflects different ideas, I often find myself gravitating towards tee shirts with hibiscus, beachy colours, flip flops, and beat up jeans. I love Pacific Sunwear and I love Hollister. Hollister is like paradise because it always smells like surf and coconut, everything is available in ridiculously small sizes, they choose beautiful jewel tones, the store is like a beach shack with a live ocean view on a screen like a window (although this isn't very exciting after dark), and beautiful moody lighting. These are probably all the exact reasons why everyone else hates Hollister. But I love the place. I need to get a bottle of whatever they spray around. I wouldn't mind my room smelling like Hollister. (Yeah, my friends are never coming over again. I get it.)

Sooo lately I've been doing some beachy shopping. (Because summer is coming! (And there are sales...))
(Yeah this is what single people who aren't in school do. Take random self photo shoots and make mediocre collages with a ridiculously powerful image editor.)

Most of the clothes above are Tilt (which got bought out by Bullhead, I think?), Nollie (the v-neck tees. I love them! They were recently on sale for $2.99 if you can still find them.), Kirra, and Hollister. Everything else was found in my clothing drawers already. Accessories probably came from Claire's or Forever 21 at some point, with the exception of some Steve Madden sunglasses. I really dig the latest trend of bright, bright colours. I love colours!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Adventures with Seth Premiere

The other night I went to the premiere of an independent web serial, Adventures with Seth. I had done a little extra work for it, and my boyfriend helped work on the sound recording. It was at the Four Star Theatre on Geary, and a lot of fun. I suggest everyone go watch Episode *ahem* Chapter 1 on the website. (Link Above.) I got to see Chapter 2 as well, because I'm really cool... But it will be up next month for everyone else. So here are pictures of what I wore and stuffs....

With the boy. I got this dress at Ross for probably $18 for the formal Christmas party we threw a year ago. It's amazing for the price. I also wore my pashmina scarf that I got from the Something Store, my grey leather Michael Kors bag, and an unsigned brooch and earring set that was in my collection of vintage costume jewelry. I never ever hardly have reason to wear costume jewelry, so that was fun.
I actually sort of got my hair to curl too! Because somewhere along the line I got a curling iron that works. Of course the only bit of hair long enough to really curl is the chunk up in front. *le sigh*
The back, I now realize I didn't line the ruching up....
And my make-up continued with my new bronzed face enthusiasm. As my boyfriend pointed out, the pictures don't show it well because the flash washes everything out...but oh well. This time I used Maybelline ExpertWear shadow in "Vanilla" and "Urban Brown", Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush in "Papaya", and Sonia Kashuk Lip Palette in "Shimmering Sorbets". For bronzer I used Physicians Formula Summer Eclipse in "Sunlight". I chose the lip palette and blush because they are the same shades as in the Sonia Kashuk Bronzed Face kit, but full size. I like this blush better than the one I used last time because it has a little more of a terra cotta color and no shimmer. I also like this bronzer better since it has smaller particles than the other one. I think this shall be my new make-up ritual for a bit at least...

Friday, January 16, 2009

New House- New Make Up Look

So I am done moving. The last time for awhile hopefully. My room isn't quite in order, but everything is cleaned up enough to get back to work. So- I was reading Life and Style ('cause I can, don't judge) and they were forecasting metallic brown eyes as the hot Spring trend. Which got me thinking about being bronzed and sun kissed and all that jazz. So I decided to change up my makeup to be a little beach-ier.
I used my Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Bronzer in "Vegas Strip". The blush and brown metallic shadow I used came from an older Elizabeth Arden compact that someone gave me when they got it free as a Macy's gift. (It was pretty much my first real make-up ever.) For highlighting under the brow and the corner of the eyes I used Maybelline expertwear shadow in "Vanilla". A little bit of Rimmel Exaggerate liner in "Pine" under the eyes, and some Jordana lipgloss in "Be Coralful".
I like how it came out and people at work even asked if I had been tanning! Excuse the funny look on my face. I was on the way to work...