Friday, February 6, 2009

California Girl

I am really a California Girl at heart. Even though my clothing often reflects different ideas, I often find myself gravitating towards tee shirts with hibiscus, beachy colours, flip flops, and beat up jeans. I love Pacific Sunwear and I love Hollister. Hollister is like paradise because it always smells like surf and coconut, everything is available in ridiculously small sizes, they choose beautiful jewel tones, the store is like a beach shack with a live ocean view on a screen like a window (although this isn't very exciting after dark), and beautiful moody lighting. These are probably all the exact reasons why everyone else hates Hollister. But I love the place. I need to get a bottle of whatever they spray around. I wouldn't mind my room smelling like Hollister. (Yeah, my friends are never coming over again. I get it.)

Sooo lately I've been doing some beachy shopping. (Because summer is coming! (And there are sales...))
(Yeah this is what single people who aren't in school do. Take random self photo shoots and make mediocre collages with a ridiculously powerful image editor.)

Most of the clothes above are Tilt (which got bought out by Bullhead, I think?), Nollie (the v-neck tees. I love them! They were recently on sale for $2.99 if you can still find them.), Kirra, and Hollister. Everything else was found in my clothing drawers already. Accessories probably came from Claire's or Forever 21 at some point, with the exception of some Steve Madden sunglasses. I really dig the latest trend of bright, bright colours. I love colours!


Helenrr said...

Poser! lol :D

Natalie said...

That sounds so much like me! I was wearing flip flops tonight to e-bar and Kyle was like why the heck aren't you wearing real shoes. I always wear flip flops in an attempt to fool myself thinking the weather is much nicer than it really is. and $2.99 V necks!! Where?!?!