Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall to Winter Prep for Less

So a look I've been really into lately is preppy, taking notes from vintage looks and school uniforms. I know with our economy its hard to buy new things, so I've found some options for getting this look for less. Many of these items might already be in your closet!
1. Cardigans. I love this Fab Stripe Trim Cardi from Forever 21. Four different choices in color for only $13.50. I love the navy blue and the touch of muted yellow.
2. Again from Forever 21, I am constantly singing the praises of these Lindsey Skinny Jeans. They are only $12.50 and fit surprisingly well. I have 4 pairs and my favorites are the dark denim (shown here) and gray (in stores only).
3. These wedge loafers from CutesyGirl are by Bamboo, a brand I have good luck with, for the low price of $9.99. They come in four different and fun color combinations.
4. These Forever 21 glasses add a girly yet studious edge. They're only $7.80.
5. I really dig these Forever 21 lucite glasses for $4.80. They remind me of some glasses my mom has from the 80s.
6. A great basic and bottom layer, this Mossimo v-neck tee in white is only $7.99 at Target. I originally bought one because it is a stand-by for modeling work, now it is my wardrobe stand-by.

I am really liking more low-key colors for fall and winter, but I think you could do this look with some brighter colors and it would be super fun. The nice thing about it is it can be really simple and minimal accessories will work well. I think some other ideas to explore would be scarves, messenger bags, and corduroy. Maybe thats another post!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

hacking back the weeds....

Well... I have been neglectful of my blog lately. I have moved AGAIN...about 5 blocks from where I was, but still everything is in complete disorder. I don't have internet at home that further complicates matters. I plan on getting things back in order this week though. I have a couple of school projects that are almost done and then I can breathe.

Check back this weekend. I promise something!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I saw the Hives and I looked cute doing it!

Ok, life has been tumultuous lately. So this is a rather simple post, but all I can do at the moment. Anyways, like I mentioned before I saw the Hives at the Warfield in San Francisco. It was an awesome show, so much energy! I opted for a simple outfit of skinny jeans (only $12.50 at Forever 21!), my new Vans Classics, and a black v-neck tee.

See. Simple but good for a rock concert! I wish I had a picture of my friend Antanell- that girl knows how to rock the clothing!

Closer picture of the shoes of awesome!