Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I saw the Hives and I looked cute doing it!

Ok, life has been tumultuous lately. So this is a rather simple post, but all I can do at the moment. Anyways, like I mentioned before I saw the Hives at the Warfield in San Francisco. It was an awesome show, so much energy! I opted for a simple outfit of skinny jeans (only $12.50 at Forever 21!), my new Vans Classics, and a black v-neck tee.

See. Simple but good for a rock concert! I wish I had a picture of my friend Antanell- that girl knows how to rock the clothing!

Closer picture of the shoes of awesome!


CLAIRZY said...

Hey love,

i loved hearing your interest in my style party. sadly it's brisbane australia. haha. i didnt even know there was a brisbane in California.

It's a shame though. I'd love to meet you. you coming to australia at any point?

btw. i love your shoes!


CLAIRZY said...

Oh my god yes! Sabrina is a masterpiece as are all audrey hepburn's movies! She is my idol, i would have loved to live in the 50's or 60's it would have bin tra' magnefic'

who are your idols? lol. i love audrey hepburn, coco chanel, keira knightely and anne hathaway.