Saturday, September 20, 2008


I'm not feeling very organized right now (coffee and a huge brownie will do that to you). We went out and had dinner and went to see "Shopping! The Musical" (no, friend got the tickets free. Don't even ask for me to comment that right now.) And then we went to H&M at 10pm for no explicable reason. Who knows why they were open. Their sign said open until 9pm, and I felt bad being all the sales people were like "Leave ALREADY!" But then they let us in, so I guess it is sort of their fault. Lots of cute coats and some adorable dresses. I should go back and try stuff on when I don't feel so bad about being there. I would actually show you the dresses I thought were really cute, but H&M does not have the most helpful website ever.

When you go shopping what do you do to make sure you have all the bases covered? My big thing is wearing clothes that are easy to change into/out of, makes life much easier. I also like to bring a pair of heels. I always want to know how things will look with heels if thats how I plan on wearing the items.

Ok, there was some randomness.

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