Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This weeks wish list...

Well , I'm moved and settled and all that good stuff. So I thought I'd get back in to the swing of things by posting about the stuff the I've been wanting lately. (I know, not self centered at all, right?) Let me know what you think and if you have seen any better options.

1. Grey skinny jeans. I really like this color, I tried on a pair at Urban Outfitters and they were great looking. Unfortunately that pair had something weird going on with it, so I didn't get them. This pair is only $24.80 from Forever 21. (Actually these are straight leg, but they best represented the color I like. )

2. Nude pumps. These wretched pumps are driving me crazy. I want a rounded tow with fairly high heels. I like the more natural leather, not the patent leather. So far the only pair I have found are Christian Louboutin. (Which are so not affordable.)

3. Vintage, whimsical, frock-like shift dresses. I've been feeling artsy lately. Love this one I found on eBay from Liebemarlene.

4. Structured vintage shift dresses. I'm not sure it would blend into my wardrobe as well, but I really like this fiery dress. Also eBay, from sweetfinds vintage.

5. Mid calf height boots. I want something in grey or brown. (I guess black is also a possibility.) I like these guys from Steve Madden. The Bonanza in brown and the Jaylyn in grey. What do you think of the colors? Which would serve me better?

Can you tell I'm liking grey? I think its a good Fall/Winter neutral, and doesn't contrast as much as black.

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