Monday, September 15, 2008

Candie's for Kohl's

So what do you think of the Candie's collection for Kohls? I saw it some weeks ago while some boys dragged me to Kohl's. (I was so exciting that day. I bought a black t-shirt (black v-neck has been one of my basics lately), some shorts from Soffe (we used to wear their sweats as our dance team uniforms, very comfy), and a video game.) Anyways, I saw the Candie's line then, and thought it was cute. It was one of those days though and I didn't try anything on, or even molest it to check the quality. I will soon though, I promise. But what do you think of the looks?
I think they are possibly office worthy in a trendy enough office, or mixed with other brands. (Also depending on the quality, if the look/feel cheap or not.) Also cute for going out, every day. I have always liked Candie's shoes, and generally the pairs I have bought in the past have been good quality. But it has been a few years. I do really like teal/brown dress. Overall there is alot of teal and metallic in the collection as well as a slight rocker chic vibe...which is easily toned down.

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Wesley said...

I like them all, actually.