Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm mellow over yellow...

It seems like yellow is a big deal this season. But I'm not really that crazy about it. I never have been, I have a (possibly irrational) belief that it doesn't look good on my skin. Whether this is true or not, I still can't get past it. But I have to admit that yellow makes the biggest statement. A yellow bag or shoe really stands out and catches the eye. One yellow sighting that really caught me was Hayden Panettiere's ad for Dooney and Bourke. The bright bag really draws you in and makes you want it (or just to look like Hayden). Some people do look amazing in yellow from dresses to tops and bottoms. For example...
1. Denise Richards is radiant in this color, 2. Hayden's Dooney and Bourke ad, 3. Eva Mendes goes bold, 4. Thandi Newton is gorgeous, 5. Hilary Duff looks charming in this mini dress.

However, if I did happen to wear yellow. These are some pieces I would go for...1. I love this light colored Zephyr Top with flutter sleeves from Anthropologie, $29.95. 2. Simple but lovely, is the Coti Dress by Shumaq. You can find it at CoutureCandy, $225. 3. My favorite thing about this Kersh Cardigan is it's puffy short sleeves. It's cute for spring and is such a neutral buttery color that maybe even I could wear it, $15. 4. A coat by Kushcush that is raw silk and has beautiful vintage feel. Also from CoutureCandy, $428. 5. This Lux Christiane Mini from Urban Outfitters is a bold color, it will definitely brighten up any plain white top, $24.99.

But if you're like me and don't think it looks good next to your skin, maybe use it to accessorize? Below are some of my favorites, in a variety of price ranges.
1. Love, love, love this style. I think I would also like them in white, but this color is pretty devine. Secreted Away Heels from Anthropologie, $178. 2. The nice thing about this Designer Details Citrine Hoop Necklace is that you can add some yellow to your look without it being too much, $15. 3. I love this modern looking Concave Enamel Ring, $3.99. 4. A strappy sandal is a great thing to have when you're going to be prancing on sand or grass, heels are just too much of a pain on soft surfaces. Patent is in (as well as yellow), so get these Liz Gladiator Sandals by Isaac Mizrahi for Target, $24.99. 5. Carla Mancini's beautiful yellow Small Clutch is made with Italian leather and definitely "pops" at CoutureCandy, $194. 6. A simple accessory such as the Windowpane Headband from Anthropologie can perk up any outfit without much fuss, $28.

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Anonymous said...

I love the shades you posted. Heaps of the ones in stores are too mustard or dark (or on the other hand too neon) for my taste, and frankly it looks a little silly. But somehow you've found the perfect yellows!