Monday, April 14, 2008

Swimsuit Season is coming, oh my!

I was recently reminded that there is a sun which gives off warmth and light when San Francisco had a strange weekend heat wave. Heat and impending summer seems to make people think about the beach and therefore swimsuits. Every women's magazine is beginning to feature the "Hottest Swimsuits of the Season", "Suits for your Body", and "Get ready to conquer your Bikini by working out 5 minutes a day!" articles. I believe we all see these every season...but I've started to think there is more to swim wear then bikinis. My new favorite for the title of sexiest swim wear would definitely be the monokini.

Such as this one from BECCA swim.
The cutout make it less revealing then a bikini
(especially if you're insecure about your stomach),
but it is more aesthetically pleasing.

It seems the the cute floral thing is in as well. I love
this suit by Betsey Johnson and it would look great
with a flowy white cover-up and leather sandals.

For a less expensive option you should try Target.
They have a fairly good selection of monokinis, all in
the $30 range.

Although they have a limited selection, dELiA*s offers
monokinis especially for those with a long torso. They do
have a a great selection of solid colors, although only a few styles to choose from.

Well thats all for now. Stay tuned as I find my favorite suits in other styles and great accessories to go along with them!

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