Monday, March 24, 2008

New Haircut!

Well spring break always means visiting family in Salinas, which in turn means meeting my hair styling aunt for a new 'do'. It was about time I did something with the mop that was growing on my head. If left unchecked my hair gets really thick and unruly. I have some sort of problem with going out and getting it dont by anyone but my aunt though, and with gas prices it has been awhile since I've gotten down to Salinas. These days she is working at a super cute (if ghetto sounding) salon called g'Syl which has been around for about a year. I got in trouble with her as always for doing my own hair treatments. This time a dye job and hacking off my bangs. However, I believe I could get my hair done by anyone and she would still disapprove.

Since I am family she gets to be a little creative with me (I prefer that actually) and this time we got....
The Victoria Beckham inspired A-line. Complete with dramatic length in the front. And chunky highlights. I'm really enjoying it, (despite the fact that the snobs on Yahoo! answers say the Beckham look is sooo out of style!) I think it works well on my face and I've always wanted to try the A-line cut. Unfortunately I left my straightener at home, I think it and I shall grow very close while I have this haircut!

The moral of the story is you should always have a family member in the hair styling business, its a great money saver.

Contact info:
1124 S. Main Street. Suite B
Salinas, CA
(831) 424-9376 (Ask for Caroline!)


Ben said...

Looks really good! I really dig the highlights, actually.

Wesley said...

I like the haircut on your face, but the highlighting looks really unprofessional.